We Could Make Household Products From Wood Instead Of Oil

woman on tree

An interesting research study has found that a fundamental compound that is found in many household products and is derived from petroleum could instead be made from wood waste.

The study also claims that this could be done at a comparable cost and with lower environmental impact. Sounds like there might be some eco-math involved, so proceed with caution (where’s my eye-roll emoji?).

That being said, we’re all for anything that can increase our survival ability using natural products. We’ll need all the help we can get once the statists take us off the cliff Venezuela-style.

Check out the Popular Science article here.


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Oliver Gauss
Oliver has a degree in physics and mathematics and has completed all but his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Physics. He believes actual science should decide scientific disagreements, and that most people who use "science" to defend their emotion-based opinions have no idea what science actually is. Oliver is the editor of WeWantScience.com and has two new sites coming out soon. Stay tuned!