Sorry kids, you can’t be Spiderman

spider man

New research appears to show that only little gecko babies can plan to play Spidey.

University of Cambridge scientists estimate that a human would need pads covering around 40% of their body to vertically scale walls. Walter Federle, the senior author, put it this way:

“If a human, for example, wanted to walk up a wall the way a gecko does, we’d need impractically large sticky feet — our shoes would need to be a European size 145 or a US size 114.”

Good luck with that. Click on through to learn more.


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Oliver Gauss
Oliver has a degree in physics and mathematics and has completed all but his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Physics. He believes actual science should decide scientific disagreements, and that most people who use "science" to defend their emotion-based opinions have no idea what science actually is. Oliver is the editor of and has two new sites coming out soon. Stay tuned!