Science-Ignorant Media Hype, Not Superbug

mcr-1 superbug
mcr-1 superbug

Here we go again. The “mainstream” media folks display their ignorance on a daily basis, and try to cover it up with massive hype and click-bait articles.

Fortunately, there is still accurate reporting available to find if you look hard enough.

In this case, Ars Technica has a great piece on this explaining why this is important but not nearly as bad as the hype-merchants would have you believe.

In short–this is merely the first identified US sign of this particular antibiotic resistance. “Last-resort” antibiotic resistance is increasingly common, and that is the real story here. Click on through to read the facts and ignore the rest.


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Oliver Gauss
Oliver has a degree in physics and mathematics and has completed all but his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Physics. He believes actual science should decide scientific disagreements, and that most people who use "science" to defend their emotion-based opinions have no idea what science actually is. Oliver is the editor of and has two new sites coming out soon. Stay tuned!