Fun Science Experiment Resources

elephant toothpaste

Projects for K-6

Science experiments are an effective way of testing students’ acumen and retention in the subject of science. Children as young as Kindergartners to those in the sixth grade can learn an awful lot by doing their own science experiments. Here is a list of 25 links to fun and educational science experiments for children in K-6 that are available on the Internet.

Projects for Middle and High School

When school children move on to the later grades typical of middle or high school, they should be exposed to science experiments that are accordingly more challenging. These experiments should still maintain the fun that makes students feel an interest in science, but they should be more ambitious. Here is a list of 25 links to science experiments for students in grades 7 to 12.


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Oliver Gauss
Oliver has a degree in physics and mathematics and has completed all but his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Physics. He believes actual science should decide scientific disagreements, and that most people who use "science" to defend their emotion-based opinions have no idea what science actually is. Oliver is the editor of and has two new sites coming out soon. Stay tuned!