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choosing best treadmill

Tips To Consider When Buying The Best Treadmills For Running

A treadmill has become a staple exercise equipment in most American homes today. But before investing in this machine for the purpose...
covid spread airconditioning

Can Air Conditioning Units Serve As Transmission Vessels For The Coronavirus?

COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed our lives in many ways. And scare it brings to the society is very serious to the point that...
genital warts transmission

How Are Genital Warts Infection Transmitted From Person To Person?

Condyloma acuminata, or commonly known as genital warts, are types of sexually transmitted infections (STI) that is characterized by small skin-colored growths at the...

The Basics Of Kinematics Made Simple

Most people may have heard about kinematics. Sure, it may have something to do with science considering the term sounds very scientific as some...
cbd dosage

Guidelines On CBD Dosing Recommendations

By now, you’re probably aware of the many health benefits of using CBD oil. But the one million dollar question is this: how much...

The Benefits Of Telemedicine Platform For Consulting Patients

If you are open to the idea of seeing a resident doctor online through video conferencing, then you are only of the many people...
facelift surgery

Things To Think About Before Having A Surgical Facelift

A facelift is a surgical procedure for individuals who want to tighten their skin around the jaw and other areas of the face for...
therapeutic benefits compression socks

The Science-Backed Therapeutic Benefits Of Compression Socks

If you’re a runner, then you may have come across athletes wearing knee-high socks during competitions. Even you may have worn this kind of...
relieve anxiety kundalini yoga meditation

How To Relieve Anxiety With Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Meditation is the process of healing the mind and elimination of any subconscious garbage. And guided meditation through breathing techniques and chanting of mantras...

Terpenes Explained – Benefits, Facts and More

Marijuana terpenes prove to be a valuable commodity, not only for cannabis enthusiasts but also for the medical industry because of the amazing health...